Pokemon GO Hack 2020

Pokemon GO Hack: SPOOFER + JOYSTICK Pokemon GO Spoofing EASY Tutorial for iOS & Android

Here we are presenting the best pokemon go spoofer & joystick hack for all users. As most of us are well aware, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for Android and iPhone users. First released in July 2016, it is a joint venture of Niantic, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. The game makes use of GPS to locate, train, capture or battle virtual reality characters. Although a free-to-install game, it does have an in-app purchase option as well.


Pokemon GO Hack



Despite being declared as one of the most popular games of the decade, Pokémon Go gained a lot of criticism shortly after being introduced to the mobile world. As can be expected by the thematic feature of the game, players of the game ended up hurt in terrible road accidents while they moved around with an activated GPS to locate various game characters.

Other than having the obvious security and safety issues, Pokémon Go was also criticized for having caused various technical problems soon after the launch. Issues such as app failure and location errors were faced by players all over the world. However, despite all this, it was the most used and downloaded gaming app in the year 2016 and had been downloaded more than 500 times worldwide by the end of the launch year.

The world also praised Nintendo for finally introducing and developing a game that encourages physical activity instead of turning players into couch potatoes. People credit Pokémon Go for initializing technology that uses location-based augmented reality to make people active physically. The game has already crossed over 1 billion downloads worldwide at the start of this year and grossed at $3 billion. Nintendo’s stocks have been skyrocketing ever since it launched the game, and it seems the stock figures will only go higher in the future.

Why Should You Use a Hack?

There is a downside to all of this. Various location themes and geographically appropriate Pokémon are only found in certain locations and not in many others. While this has been done to prevent people from catching too many Pokémon, it doesn’t let many players go to the winning stage. This is the very reason that there are ways to hack Pokémon Go such that it allows the player to find and use Pokémon characters without leaving the comfort of their homes.

People want to catch Pokémon even from locations that are far away from their own areas without having to physically get there. Using various Pokémon Go hacks will help many such players cheat with ease and be able to win.

One of them is a Pokémon Go spoofing hack which, as the name suggests, hacks your location and lets you catch various Pokémon from faraway areas without actually going there.

Now, people are taking this Pokémon Go Hack phenomenon very seriously. “Why?” you may ask. Well, Pokémon is a game designed to show Pokémon according to the location. People residing in land-locked areas may never be able to catch water Pokémon and go a level up. Hacking is a great tool you can use in such a scenario and cheat your way forward in the game by catching Pokémon you couldn’t have otherwise.

Let’s discuss two major Pokémon Go hacks and see what they bring to the table.

Pokémon Go Spoofing Hack

As mentioned earlier, it is now easy to cheat your way up the game. Spoofing is a Pokémon Go hack that manipulates the app to think you are at a new location every time you use the hack.

For successful manipulation of the app, you have to spoof your location in your device and then open the app. Doing so makes you appear to be in a new location every time and lets you catch faraway Pokémon with ease. It also allows you to take part in gym battles and special events which are based on the location you just spoofed.

However, too much spoofing around alerts Niantic of the possibility of spoofing. It will first issue a warning, which is followed by a permanent ban on your account. However, there is a way to trick it and spoof ‘realistically’: don’t spoof your location too much that it gives you away. After all, it is not so simple to teleport from one country to another.

Pokémon Go Spoofing Hack for Android

To be able to successfully spoof your location in an Android phone, you need to first enable developer settings and then install a third-party app. Versions older than 4.2 have it auto-enabled, but newer ones require you to enable the settings first. If you are using a newer version of Android, do the following:

  1. First, open the Settings app, select System, select About Phone, and press Build Number about 7 times.
  2. Install the app Fake GPS Free.
  3. Open the app and press Enable Mock Locations.
  4. Press Fake GPS Free tab.
  5. Select the location you want.
  6. Tap Play to enable the fake GPS setting. You will see a message that says Fake Location Enabled if you are successful. In case your location doesn’t change, you may need to go back and install an older version in order to be able to do that.
  7. Start Pokémon Go and verify that your location has changed. Bonus tip: Don’t do this too frequently or else Niantic will detect strange activity and ban your account.
  8. To get back to your previous location, go to Fake App Free and press Stop.

Pokémon Go Spoofing Hack For iOS

Spoofing location on an iPhone is not as easy since it requires a jailbroken iPhone that may allow installation of a modified Pokémon Go app. The spoofing hack is easier when you have a modified version of the game for your iPhone because it will not require any manual location setting.

However, using an unauthorized version of Pokémon Go comes with its own risks. Niantic can ban any account that has been used with an unauthorized version of the game. A safer way is to use tools such an iTools. Using iTools does not require jailbreaking either.

  1. Install iTools on your computer and connect your phone with a USB cable.
  2. Launch the iTools app and click on the tab Toolbox.
  3. Next, select Virtual Location.
  4. Enter a fake location at the top of the map and click Enter.
  5. Click Move Here.
  6. Launch Pokémon Go in your phone and verify that you are in a new location.
  7. Ta-da! You just spoofed your location on your iPhone.

Pokémon Go Joystick Hack

Niantic, the makers of the game, recently responded to the millions of diehard fans around the world and has launched updated versions for the game in March. The updates come with new Pokémon, bonuses, buddy games and many such items.

Since many players don’t prefer spending their entire day outside running around in search of Pokémon, many chose to play using location hacks so as to be able to win. As expected, though, the new updates disabled all the Pokémon Go joystick hacks.

The hack will now only work for older versions of the game and not for the updated version released in March. More simply, the Android Pokémon Go joystick hack is not going to work for people who have already installed the Android March update.

The March update of Android came with a solution to the Pokémon Go joystick hack and fixed it, making it less vulnerable to such hacks. It does not allow the device to mask the GPS location of the device, which was a necessity for the hack to perform.

Fear not, for fans like you have figured out a way to implement the Pokémon Go joystick hack. Below, we have mentioned details of one app that allows you to use the Pokémon Go joystick hack with the new version of the game.

You can download the app mentioned and check if it works for you or you can go back to the older version of the game that supported the joystick hack. Otherwise, you can always root your device.

Read more about the working Pokémon Go joystick hack and decide.

  1. Download the latest version of GPS joystick from Google Play and install it.
  2. Next, go to device settings and click Developer Options.
  3. Developer Options may need to be unlocked in your device if you don’t see this option in the settings tab. To unlock developer settings, go to your settings and click on the Device Information section. There, tap on Build Number seven times. Soon, you will see a message saying it is unlocked.
  4. Go down the Developer Options, look for the option which says “Select mock location app” and click on GPS Joystick. If the device does not let you select the mock location, it means that your device is not compatible. The Android Pokémon Go joystick hack will not work in this case.
  5. When you switch on your GPS and enable the GPS Joystick app, you will see three options, one of them being Set New Location. Use it to modify your location.
  6. After setting your desired location, click Start. You will see a joystick hovering over your device. Easy-peasy, isn’t it?

Features of the Pokémon Go Joystick Hack

It Allows for Joystick Movement

The feature allows you to change your joystick location if its current location doesn’t allow you to catch your desired Pokémon. You will just need to tap the first button above the joystick and drag it to whichever location you want.

It Lets You Customize Routes

The app allows you to customize routes according to your wish. Just tap on the button in the middle of the joystick, which opens a map. Now, you can place a new location marker instead of the old one. This allows you to add as many markers as you want. If you tap on the Start Route and switch back to Pokémon Go, your character will be possessed and follow your desired route. However, don’t catch new Pokémon while you use this feature. More details on this below.

It Allows Teleportation

To use this feature, you need to tap on the button which is placed last above the joystick. Using this option, you can teleport to any location you want while you are in the game.

It Gives Your Character Various Walking Styles

The app allows you to choose from three different walking speeds. They are positioned directly under the joystick and you can easily select your desired speed. The character can walk or run in any speed you want it to.

The features mentioned above are tailor-made for the Pokémon Go app. Not only does it help you spoof your GPS, but it will also help you with the buddy system. It might also be useful if you want to hatch those 10 km eggs. You might be wondering now, how can you do that?

Simple! Just go to the settings on your device, tap on Display and select “Sleep for 30 seconds.” Next, open your GPS Joystick app and select a location. Open the map by tapping on the map button. There, select your route using markers and depending on the type of egg you want to hatch. Next, go to Route Options and select Reverse.

For the final part, click on Start Route and there, you will see two extra buttons located on the top of the joystick. They enable you to pause or stop the route.

Having done all of the above, you can now sit and relax while your selected Pokémon character continues walking on the route you chose for it without any need for interactions. You character will start hatching eggs for you and you will also get candies from your selected buddy as a bonus.

With all these hacks, you can overcome the limitations of your location and get access to a much more diverse range of Pokémon without having to spend a lot of time and money.